EP. 180: A Bestie's Bash

HBD to the best in the world, BFF.FM! The BFF.fm 10th Birthday Gala will raise vital funds to power BFF.fm’s programs, including its online radio station, local music showcases, educational workshops, and listening parties. Tickets are available on a sliding scale, starting at $25, and can be purchased online at BFF.fm/gala. The 10th Birthday Gala will feature performances by Byron Mayhew, Alexi Belchere, DJ Tin, Lonald J. Bands, Tom Marsi, and more.


  1. I'm A Regular by Dead Bars on Regulars (A-F)
  2. Birthday by Sugarcubes on Life's Too Good (Zona)
  3. Radio by Alkaline Trio on Maybe I'll Catch Fire (Asian Man)
  4. Dirty Jacks by LEKTRON (Asian Man) New
  5. Bored With Booze by Almost People on Songs For Best Friends (Anchorless)
  6. A Song For Best Friends by Almost People on Songs For Best Friends (Anchorless)
  7. Whiskey Cowboy (Live at Twin Peaks Sessions) by Outer District on Let's Keep The Hive Alive (The Honey Hive Gallery) Local
  8. Dear You by Maggie Gently on Peppermint (Refresh) Local
  9. Black Sheep by gloomy june on single (Left Ghost) Local
  10. Party City by Growing Stone on I Had Everybody Snowed (Head2Wall)
  11. Break
  12. Where Is My Mind by People Corrupting People on (Mostly) One Hit Wonders (self-released)
  13. Sex & Candy by Mia Primrose on (Nearly) One Hit Wonders Comp (Self-Released) Local
  14. RTHWRMS by Kilroi on emptinessisnotafeeling (cltr cntr) New Local
  15. like you know i get old - remaster by salvia palth on melanchole (remaster) (daniel johann lines)
  16. Too Many Fiestas for Rueben / Cowboy Dan by Modest Mouse (Glacial Pace)
  17. Porcelina of the Vast Oceans by Smashing Pumpkins on Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (Virgin)
  18. Feed The Tree by Belly on Star (4AD)
  19. Found Out About You by Gin Blossom on New Miserable Experience (A&M)
  20. Time Trap by Built To Spill on Keep It Like A Secret (Warner)
  21. Spiderweb by Built to Spill on When the Wind Forgets Your Name (Sub Pop) New
  22. Future Joy by No Lungs on What You Didn't Want to Happen Is Happening Right Now (Self-Released)
  23. This # Is No Longer in Service by Swiss Army Wife on Medium Gnarly (Really Rad) New
  24. New Best Friend by Swiss Army Wife on Medium Gnarly (Really Rad) New
  25. Citgo by Taking Meds on Terrible News From Wonderful Men (Smartpunk)
  26. the old country (The Soil Knows All Version) by awakebutstillinbed on we share the same insects: an i became birds tribute compilation (Self-Released) New Local
  27. Kitchen Sink by Dazy on MAXIMUMBLASTSUPERLOUD (self-released)
  28. Pressure Cooker (ft. Mannequin Pussy) by Dazy, Militarie Gun on Pressure Cooker (remix) (Very Loud Sounds)
  29. Lighthead by Adult School on No Party (Self-Released) Local
  30. Chased by Good Looking Friends on The Light of the Well (self-released)