august highlights


  1. Running With A Flashlight by Cowgirl Clue on Rodeo Star (Vada Vada) New
  2. How Do You Do It? by Art School Girlfriend on Soft Landing (Fiction) New
  3. Hard to Please (Reprise) by SPELLLING on SPELLLING & The Mystery School (Sacred Bones) New Local
  4. Tied Up! by Genesis Owusu on Struggler (Ourness) New
  5. take over the world by jaimie branch on Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((world war)) (International Anthem) New
  6. The Rainbow by Buck Meek on Haunted Mountain (4AD) New
  7. Good Intention by Laura Groves on Radio Red (Bella Union) New
  8. Memory Palace by Angelo De Augustine on Toil and Trouble (Asthmatic Kitty) New
  9. Healing Waters by Angelo De Augustine on Toil and Trouble (Asthmatic Kitty) New
  10. The Window by Ratboys on The Window (Topshelf) New
  11. Gettin' to the Point Dub - Adrian Sherwood 'Reset In Dub' Version by Panda Bear, Sonic Boom, Adrian Sherwood on Reset in Dub (Domino) New
  12. Stunner by Osees on Intercepted Message (In The Red) New
  13. Patio by asia menor on Enola Gay (Sello Fisura) New
  14. Mutable by Spanish Love Songs on No Joy (Pure Noise) New
  15. Sing Them Down Together by Bonnie Prince Billy on Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You (Drag City) New
  16. Lexapro by Computerwife on Computerwife (self-released) New
  17. Public Grieving by The Armed on Perfect Saviors (Sargent House) New
  18. Ignited in a Field of Bright by Approaching Mountains on Ley (self-released) New