Ep. 102 - "Recondite"

It's been an eventful week. BFF celebrated its 10th birthday last Thursday! Summer may be nearing its end as we find Labor Day upon us, but September means that the best SF weather is yet to come. Let's let the festivities continue with some brand new tracks (among older tracks) from Minute On The Moon, The Present Age, SPELLLING, Jeff Rosenstock, Descartes A Kant, Ty Segall, Nenagenix, Soft Cheese, TV People, and more!


  1. Big Paws by Foyer Red on Yarn the Hours Away (Carpark) New
  2. Pollinating Beestings by Minute On The Moon (self-released)
  3. Wouldn't You Know by Royal Headache on High (What's Your Rupture)
  4. Little Kings by The Joggers on Solid Guild (Startime International)
  5. Always Turn It On Its Head by The Present Age on Radio Static Intelligible (Vorsatz) New
  6. En Pratstund by Bob Hund on Omslag: Martin Kann (Silence)
  7. After Destruction by Descartes A Kant (Cleopatra) New
  8. No One Weeps by The Asteroid No. 4 on Northern Songs (Little Cloud Records/Cardinal Fuzz) Local
  9. Syster System by Frankie And The Witch Fingers on Data Doom (Greenway) New
  10. I'm A Boar by Pale Angels (Red Girlfriend) New
  11. Countdown To Shutdown by The Hives on The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons (self-released) New
  12. When I Was A Painter by The Breeders on Pod (4AD)
  13. Got It by Sebadoh on Bakesale (Sub Pop)
  14. Under The Sun by SPELLLING on SPELLLING & the Mystery School (Sacred Bones) New
  15. Detouring America With Horns by Yo La Tengo on May I Sing With Me (Alias)
  16. Walking Zero by Sneaker Pimps on Becoming X (Clean Up)
  17. FUTURE IS DUMB by Jeff Rosenstock on Hellmode (Polyvinyl) New
  18. Dance Steps by The Natural History on Beat Beat Heartbeat (Startime International)
  19. Antes De Que Olvide by Nenagenix on Lo Mas Cercano A Caer (Bohemian Groove) New
  20. Void by Ty Segall on Single (Drag City) New Local
  21. Helmsman by Ambulance LTD on Ambulance LTD - EP (The Orchard)
  22. Nail It Down by The Drones on Havilah (ATP)
  23. Die Down by TV People (self-released) New
  24. Lunette Fields Speak by Bruiser And Bicycle on Holy Red Wagon (self-released) New
  25. Bellyache by Soft Cheese on Dream Body (Literal Gold) New
  26. KITM by A Beacon School on KITM (EP) (Grind Select) New
  27. A Barely Lit Path by Oneohtrix Point Never (Warp) New