EP. 182: Keep On Riotin'

182 episodes! That's the third coolest number after 69 and 420. It's Riot Fest so let's hype ourselves up for the yearly Chicago trek once again. Follow @twinshrieks on IG and come to Twin Shrieks fest 9/29-9/30 in Berkeley Calif


  1. Here Comes the Carnival by Insane Clown Posse on Yum Yum Bedlam (Psychopathic)
  2. Keep On Choppin' by Insane Clown Posse on Woh The Weeping Weirdo (Psychopathic) New
  3. Banshee by Insane Clown on Woh The Weeping Weirdo (Psychopathic) New
  4. Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault by Jawbreaker on Dear You (DGC)
  5. The Brightest Days by Origami Angel on The Brightest Days (Counter Intuitive) New
  6. 666 Flags by Origami Angel on Somewhere City (Counter Intuitive)
  7. Riots & Jokes by Quasi on Breaking the Balls of History (Sub Pop) New
  8. The Trench Coat Museum by Yard Act on Single (Island) New
  9. Rich by Yard Act on The Overload (Zen F.C.)
  10. Murdered Out by Kim Gordon on No Home Record (Matador)
  11. Waste It Away by Sludgeworth on What's This? (Johanns Face)
  12. Nearest One to Stand Behind by Sludgeworth on Losers of the Year (Red Scare)
  13. Big Me by Foo Fighters on Foo Fighters (Roswell)
  14. I Hope You're Right by Pool Kids on Pool Kids (Skeletal Lightning)
  15. Conscious Uncoupling by Pool Kids on Pool Kids (Skeletal Lightning)
  16. Hit The Breaks by PLOSIVS on Hit The Breaks (Swami) New
  17. Hurley by Pinback on Pinback (Ace Fu)
  18. Good Good Things by Drain on LIVING PROOF (EPITAPH) New
  19. Intro / Love Is To Die by Warpaint on Warpaint (Rough Trade)
  20. Asking For a Ride by White Reaper on Asking For A Ride (Elektra)
  21. Judy French by White Reaper on The World's Best American Band (Polyvinyl)
  22. Talk For Hours by High Vis on Blending (Dias)
  23. Obscenery by Queens of the Stone Age on In Times New Roman... (Matador) New
  24. Ascensionism by Sleep Token on Take Me Back to Eden (A Spinefarm / Silent Room) New
  25. Protocol by Hotline TNT on Single (Third Man)
  26. July the Fourth by Nothing on Split (Run for Cover)
  27. Young Men Dead by the black angels on Passover (Light in the Attic)
  28. Letters To You by Finch on What It Is To Burn (Drive Thru)
  29. Raise by Earth Crisis on Neutralize the Threat (Century Media)