Sounds In The Dark - 9.13.23

Tonight's edition features brand new music from Federico Durand, Matthew Halsall, Arovane, Tomasz Bednarczyk, Chihei Hatakeyama, marine eyes, Neil Cowley, Hior Chronik and plenty more!


  1. Calder Shapes by Matthew Halsall on An Ever Changing View (Gondwana Records) New
  2. Disenchantment by David Cordero on Recurrent Processes (David Cordero) New
  3. I Must Be Disliked by Neil Cowley on Fragmented Recall (Mote) New
  4. Day 1 by Joel Shearer on Morning Loops (Electrofone Music)
  5. Isle by Hior Chronik on Isle (Born To Live) New
  6. Water and Birds by Chihei Hatakeyama on Hachirogata Lake (Field Records) New
  7. tesoro by marine eyes (marine eyes) New
  8. The Healing Light of Sound by Noodreem on @0 (Ahead of Our Time)
  9. Memory Garden by William Tyler and Luke Schneider on Understand (Leaving Records)
  10. Zimt by Niklas Paschburg on Panta Rhei (7K!)
  11. polymer by Arovane on polymer (quiet details) New
  12. Episode Nine: July by Tomasz Bednarczyk on July / August (Somewhere Nowhere) New
  13. Pavel by Federico Durand on Tour Tapes (Home Normal) New
  14. Water Feature by Dream Carpets on Interior Fountains (Mood Hut)