New sndz from Laura Veirs, East Coast experimentalists SUNWATCHERS plus the latest in local music from Anna Hillburg, Meernaa, Juicebumps plus an ode to OCTOBER from Bonfire Hill.


  1. Something Coming Off (f/ Hollie Cook) by Don Letts on Outta Sync (Cooking Vinyl) New
  2. Loading Screen (Salami Rose Joe Louis Remix) by Pearl & the Oysters on single (Stones Throw) New Local
  3. Afternoon X by Vanishing Twin on Afternoon X (Fire) New
  4. Broke Zodiac by Animal Collective on Isn't It Now? (Domino) New
  5. Tired Girls by Anna Hillburg on Tired Girls (Speakeasy Studios SF) New Local
  6. No More Swamp by Bas Jan on Back to the Swamp (Fire) New
  7. World On Fire by Lost Girls on Selvutsletter (Smalltown Supersound) New
  8. world war ((reprise)) by jaimie branch on Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die (International Anthem) New
  9. There's A World by Sufjan Stevens on Javelin (Asthmatic Kitty) New
  10. What Will Heaven Be Like? by The Reds, Pinks & Purples on Murder, Oral Sex & Cigarettes (self-released) New Local
  11. Am I Born To Die? by Nora Brown on I Am A Pilgrim - Doc Watson at 100 (Fli) New
  12. Rocks of Time by Laura Veirs on Phone Orphans (Raven Marching Band) New
  13. These Days by Julie Byrne on Julie Byrne with Laugh Cry Laugh (Ghostly International) New
  14. Lost to Time by SLW cc WATT on Purple Pie Plow (Kill Rock Stars) New
  15. Have Nots by Blues Lawyer on Sight Gags On The Radio (Dark Entries) New Local
  16. Tumulus by Sunwatchers on Music Is Victory Over Time (Trouble In Mind) New
  17. Buy My Product (Fantasy of A Broken Heart) by Water From Your Eyes on Crushed By Everyone (Matador) New
  18. Futurephobic by Frankie & the Witch Fingers on Data Doom (Reverberation Appreciation Society) New
  19. Marginal Elevado Radial by Bixiga 70 on Vapor (Glitterbeat) New
  20. Pisspants by Juicebumps on JUMBO (Time Room) New Local
  21. Glanced Horizon by Matthew J. Rolin on single (self-released) New
  22. Mirie it is While Summer I Last by Me Lost Me on RPG (self-released) New
  23. 1,000 Canciones by Melenas on Ahora (Trouble In Mind) New
  24. As Many Birds Flying by Meernaa on So Far So Good (Keeled Scales) New Local
  25. the truth can hurt you when you look at it with selfishness by Credit Electric on six (self-released) New Local
  26. Rainbow Song by Mapache on Swinging Stars (Innovative Leisure) New
  27. October by Bonfire Hill on A Year on Bonfire Hill (Castles in Space) New