Pearl & The Oysters



Tuff Signals first played Vitamin D at 6:26pm on Wednesday 19th Jul, 2017.


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Recent broadcasts featuring Pearl & The Oysters

  • With all the recent 🌧️rain and the upcoming ❤️ V day... I wanted to make a playlist celebrating 🌞 sun, 💐 flowers, and 💖 love!

    audiosyncrasies № 85 60 mins

  • Psyched out by circumstances Psyched up for future

    Them(e) Changes 120 mins

  • ALLSORTS of the bestest local indie pop, avant-jazz, space electronics, UK folk, neo-samba, African beats and assorted sounds released in 2023.

    ALLSORTS № 175 120 mins

  • New sndz from Laura Veirs, East Coast experimentalists SUNWATCHERS plus the latest in local music from Anna Hillburg, Meernaa, Juicebumps plus an ode to OCTOBER from…

    ALLSORTS № 172 120 mins

  • Sadie & Han of THE INVISIBLE CITIES visit the Secret Alley Studios to talk about their delightful new album "Flower Was Up" --> cover art magic…

    ALLSORTS № 165 120 mins

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A show loosely based around exploring the threads and connections between songs through their lyrics, themes, sounds... or sometimes whatever topics the guest DJ's select!


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