Halloween Special (100% vinyl)

Happy Halloween, feels good to be back on the air. San Francisco own DJ Mauricio Aviles brings his vinyl selection for today's installment.

Episode #358


  1. Acquarius by Freddy & Herman (City Rockers)
  2. Fishpowder Dance by Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold (Love Circle)
  3. Untitled by Untitled (Self-Released)
  4. Magic Fly by Kebekelektrik (SalSoul Records)
  5. Disco Circus (François K Remix) by Martin Circus (Self-Released)
  6. Kariba by Faze Action (Nuphonic)
  7. Untitled by Untitled (Self-Released)
  8. Untitled by Untitled (Self-Released)
  9. Burnin' by Thomas Crown (Self-Released)
  10. Get Your Head Stuck on Your Neck by Soul Mekanik (Rip Records)
  11. Tie Me Up by Land Shark (Coco Machete)
  12. Meet Me At The Freezer by Chicken Lips Echoman (Self-Released)
  13. Untitled by Untitled (Self-Released)
  14. Movin' On by Roach Motel (Junior Boy's Own)
  15. Robot Love by Alexander Robotnik (Self-Released)
  16. Same And Better by Julien Jabreo (Sneakers Freaks Club)
  17. Mon Amour by Louie Vega Presents Ananè (Self-Released)
  18. Nervous Acid by Bobby Konders House Rhythms (Nu Groove)
  19. In The Village by City Limits (Tribeca Records)