Episode 249 - Priorities

With all the talk of money going to Israel, Ukraine and other allies let’s talk of priorities. I won’t be able to name all 1.8 trillion of them (according to DOD that’s the defense budget this year) but we can shine some light on our priorities as a nation.



  1. The Veil Of Isis by The Sword on Apocryphon (Razor & Tie)
  2. Just Stop Oil by Ministry (Nuclear Blast) New
  3. No Bridge Left Unburned by The Spiral Electric on The Spiral Electric (Spiral Electric) Local
  4. Baby Talks Dirty by The Knack on But the Little Girls Understand (Capitol)
  5. Kiss Me by Kurt Baker on Rocking for a Living (Self Released)
  6. Grandpa’s Not a Racist (He Just Voted For One) by The Dead Milkmen on Quaker City Quiet Pills (The Giving Groove)
  7. Screenwriter's Blues by Soul Coughing on Ruby Vroom (Slash)
  8. Now And Then by The Beatles on Now And Then (Calderstones) New
  9. Personal Jesus (Featuring Iggy Pop) by Trevor Horn (Deutschmark Grammaphon Gmbh) New
  10. Volcano Girls by Veruca Salt on Eight Arms to Hold You (MCA)
  11. Tomorrow by Morrissey on Your Arsenal (HMV)
  12. New York Groove by Ace Frehley on Ace Frehley (Casablanca Records)