Sounds In The Dark - 11.8.23

Tonight's edition features new music by Alaskan Tapes + Moshimoss, Ian Hawgood, Forest Management, Simeon ten Holt and lots more!


  1. Air by Forest Management (INTRASET)
  2. xi8s by Ian Hawgood on Tape Sketches I (Folk Reels) New
  3. Bright Light up in the Sky by Alonefold on Strange Lights and Other Sky Ghosts (Alonefold)
  4. Everwave by Carbon Based Lifeforms on Derelicts (Leftfield Records)
  5. All in a Row by Jon Kennedy on Strengthen The Roses (Jon Kennedy Federation)
  6. Detached by Hauschka on Philanthropy (City Slang) New
  7. Future Events by Christopher Sisk on Background Musics (Christopher Sisk)
  8. Freeze III by Chihei Hatakeyama on Ghost Woods (White Paddy Mountain)
  9. Infinito by Moritz Von Oswald on Infinito (Tresor Records) New
  10. Sections 1-16 by Simeon ten Holt, Erik Hall on Canto Ostinato (Western Vinyl) New
  11. Pollen by H. Takahashi on Sonne und Wasser (Where To Now? Records)
  12. Haliod Xerrox Copy 3 (Paris) by alva noto on Xerrox, Vol. 1 (NOTON)
  13. Afterglow by Alaskan Tapes + Moshimoss on Dustlight (Innersect) New