Sounds In The Dark - 11.29.23

Tonight's edition features new music from Hior Chronik, Foam and Sand, Greg Spero, Brian Eno, David Cordero + Rhucle, and lots more.


  1. The Lights That Guard The World by Daniel O'Sullivan on Rosarium (Daniel O'Sullivan) New
  2. Circle 40 by Foam and Sand (Nettwerk Music Group) New
  3. Blue Crystal Fire by Group Listening on Clarinet & Pano: Selected Works, Vol. 2 (PRAH Recordings)
  4. Ever New by Beverly Glenn-Copeland on Keyboard Fantasies (Atlast Records)
  5. Let the Light In by Nailah Hunter, Ram Dass on Innerspace Music (Formless)
  6. Shark Butt by The Sweet Enoughs on Marshmallow (Wondercore Island & Dreamlake International Visions)
  7. Chamber Lightness 3 by Brian Eno on Chamber Lightness (Opal Music Ltd.) New
  8. Alone Into The Crowd by David Cordero + Rhucle on Summer Chronicles (Home Normal) New
  9. Long Winter by Taylor Deupree on Small Winters (Puremagnetik)
  10. Polly by Gem Club on In Roses (Hardly Art)
  11. For Her Name by Hior Chronik on Theory of the Dawn (Bigo and Twigetti) New
  12. Untethering by Sea Oleena on Untethering - Single (Cascine)
  13. Sweet Coast by Ann Annie (Nettwerk Music Group) New
  14. Over The Horizon Radar by Boards of Canada on Geogaddi (Warp)
  15. Glasspops by Mark Pritchard on The Four Worlds (Warp)
  16. In Parallel by Salamanda on In Parallel (Wisdom Teeth) New
  17. The Epic (feat. Keyon Harrold, Terreon Gully, Dario Chiazzolino & Jermaine Paul) by Greg Spero (Tiny Records) New