1. Blue Milk by Stereolab on Cobra And Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night (Duophonic)
  2. Suicide Deluxe by Dreamcrusher on Suicide Deluxe (Hausu Mountain)
  3. Requiem by Killing Joke on Killing Joke (Virgin)
  4. 24 Track Loop by This Heat on This Heat (Modern Classics)
  5. Jennifer by Faust on Faust IV (Virgin)
  6. Love Is How Y Make It by Gong on Angel's Egg (Virgin)
  7. Wolfli by Nurse With Wound on Automating Vol. 2 (United Dairies)
  8. Watch the Water by The Shadow Ring on Hold Onto I.D. (Slitbreeze)
  9. All Of My Friends Are Going To Hell by Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter (Perpetual Flame Ministries)
  10. Hey Lord by Suicide on A Christmas Record (ZE)
  11. Protect Me You by Sonic Youth on Confusion Is Sex (DGC)
  12. Amethyst Deceivers by Coil on A Guide For Beginners (Cold Spring)
  13. Fire by Kevin Drumm on Battering Rams (A Sunken Mall)
  14. The World in Devotion by November Növelet on The World in Devotion (Galakthorrö)
  15. Cheree by Suicide on Suicide (Mute)
  16. Pennsylvania Furnace by Lingua Ignota on Sinner Get Ready (Sargent House)
  17. Nakedness of Need by Pharmakon on Contact (Sacred Bones)
  18. The Long Shadow Falls by Current 93 on All The Pretty Little Horses (s/r)