Vampire Dear #33: Madame de Sade's Favorites of 2023


  1. Strike the Match by Body of Light on Bitter Reflection (Dais Records)
  2. Night Call by Caress on Night Call (Negative Gain Productions)
  3. The Skin and the Glove by Drab Majesty on An Object in Motion (Dais Records)
  4. Place of Birth by Sham-e-Ali Nayim on Moti Ka Sheher (Self-Released)
  5. Haunted Water by SPELLLING on SPELLLING & The Mystery School (Sacred Bones) Local
  6. Perfection by Vosh on Vessel (Trash Casual)
  7. Scalpel by Harsh Symmetry on Imitation (Fabrika)
  8. On Evil Hour by Ov Pain on Reliquary of Dusk (It Records)
  9. Lock Me In Your Basement by yyellow on Cradle of Roses (Flippin' Freaks)
  10. Ni Jupanja, Ni Strahu by Borghesia on [PIAS] 40 ([PIAS])
  11. Everybody Shatter by Algiers on Shook (Matador)
  12. People Are Good by Depeche Mode on Memento Mori (Columbia)
  13. Heartbeat by Nuovo Testamento on Love Lines (Discoteca Italia)
  14. Dog Salon by Cosey Mueller on Irrational Habits (Static Age)
  15. Softly Softly by Andi, Machino on Parafernales (Mannequin)