shouts out to our friends at ANOMALY sf 
we're working on some PICKLEPLANET shirts and maybe other new stuff in the future.. I'm gonna post a mock up and lets see how many we can get out there..

JERK FEST #3 at kilowatt this wednesday


... next week



  1. Featured Crockpot by Slothrust on Of Course You Do (Burger Records)
  2. dance with you by bluhm on garden of hearts (self)
  3. Featured Blue Sheen by Provoker on Body Jumper (Year 0001)
  4. Best Behavior by Gustaf on audio drag for ego slobs (Royal Mountain)
  5. radio by freak slug on radio (nice guys)
  6. Marigold by Wagging on My Own Private Rodeo (Wagging)
  7. moonlight by castlebeat on moonlight (spirit goth)
  8. Featured freezing alive by provoker, eyedress on freezing alive (year0001)
  9. Featured starting and staring by gustaf on starting and staring (royal mountain records) New
  10. a stitch in time by midi memory on far gone and out (born losers)
  11. take yr time by dad sports on take yr time (grand jury)
  12. all lined up by sheer mag on moonstruck (third man)
  13. nuthin' like that by buzzed lightbeer on nuthin' like that (buzzed lightbeer)
  14. Featured fool me once by baus on fool me once (oaklangeles)
  15. quitter by weakened friends on quitter (Don Giovanni Records)