we're in the age of Aquarius whatever that means

commissure at kilowatt


shout out to the foolarinos at Anomaly we're doin it up

all the monies are gonna get donated to BFF.fm to keep this little weirdo space alive and happening

ok love you bye


  1. Featured islands past by saccades on flowing fades (fuzz club)
  2. left against by still ruins on s/t (Smoking Room)
  3. Featured do you know? by reptaliens on wrestling (captured tracks)
  4. Featured italy by rain dogs on rain dogs (.jpeg artifacts)
  5. Featured beau and his dreams by sports coach on beau and his dreams (step pepper)
  6. infinite designs by midi memory on far gone and out (born losers)
  7. Featured Disorder by Freak Slug on Disorder (Nice Guys)
  8. Featured your mind by swiss portrait on familiar patterns (z tapes)
  9. Featured Say, Can You Hear by Men I Trust on Say, Can You Hear (Independent)
  10. Featured 20 20 by hot jam factory on 20 20 (2110437 records DK)
  11. Featured Call Me by Bad Hammer on End Of An Age (Italian Island)
  12. Featured lay low by lazy daze on lay low (lazy daze records)
  13. Sunwashed by Drainer on Under the Sun (self released)
  14. Featured hallo kevon by commissure on outfield (Self Released) Local