Steadfast Bay Area Junglist and Future Retro/No Bias affiliate, Soeneido, strips back the breaks to deliver a resonant filmic curation of ambient sounds for his BFF.FM debut.

Check out Soeneido's radio residency on Lower Grand Radio, The Labyrinth, every 4th Monday at 7pm PST.

Check out Bay Area Renegade Trax, a No Bias compilation album featuring both of our tracks.

Happy Monday! ~tom

The Lost Hour is a weekly web of experimental ethereal music fun~ featuring guests, their funky thoughts and tunes.


  1. ‚Ȃ‚̂æ‚é by 黒魔 / Chroma on Ÿˆ≠ (Self-Release)
  2. Force Fields by Untitledcloud on Magnetic Flux (Self-Release)
  3. Oskus Unug by Radik Tyulush on Fargo [Season Three] (OST)
  4. Time Away by Andy Stott on Faith In Strangers (modernlove)
  5. Naked Spirit (feat. Djivan Gasparyan) by Sainkho Namtchylak on Naked Spirit (Amiata)
  6. World Gekkoh by Susumu Yokoto on Leaf Compilation (Skintone)
  7. On A Level by Dalhous on The Composite Moods Collection Vol.1: House Number 44 (Blackest Ever Black)
  8. SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs by SHXCXCHCXSH on SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs (Avian)
  9. Numb by Andy Stott on Luxury Problems (Modern Love)
  10. Unknown by Boards of Canada on Live @ Lighthouse (Self-Release)
  11. 01 - Clint Mansel - pir² by Clint Mansel on π Music For The Motion Picture (Silva Screen)
  12. Do Matter by Plaid on The Digging Remedy (Warp)