The cupboard crosses over! The Lost Hour welcomes fellow-BFF host Abue1a onto the show all the way over from Fridays! We talk lostness in a screen, cartoons, and wandering.

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have a safe monday ~tom


  1. Esse Samba by Clarissa Bruns on Tua Pele (Cantores Del Mundo)
  2. Lousy Judge of Character by The Shermans on Happiness is Toy Shaped (Shelflife)
  3. Hice Todo Mal by Las Ligas Menores on Single (Self-Release)
  4. T.V. Zombie by The Rondelles on Shared Nickels and Loose Change (K)
  5. Pretend to Be Nice by Josie and the Pussycats on Josie and the Pussycats - Music From the Motion Picture (Sony Music Entertainment)
  6. i think i wanna be alone by mazie on Single (Good Boy)
  7. Haha by Dehd on Flower of Devotion (Fire Talk)
  8. Superboy & Supergirl by Tullycraft on The Singles (Darla)
  9. Archie's Party by The Archies on Everything's Archie (Calendar)
  10. Why Aren't You Free? by Boy Crazy on Foreign Words (Magic Marker)
  11. All She Cares About Is Mariachi by The Magnetic Fields on Love at the Bottom of the Sea (Merge)
  12. Cruel And Unusual by Pipas on The Matinee Summer Splash! (Matinee)
  13. La Ti Da by The Icicles on Arrivals and Departures (Self-Release)
  14. Lovefool by The Cardigans on First Band On The Moon (Remastered) (Universal Music AB)
  15. No Controles by Flans on La Más Completa Colección (CD1) (Universal Music Mexico)
  16. pos by hemlocke springs on going...going..GONE! (Good Luck Have Fun)
  17. Don by Miranda!, CA7RIEL on Single (Sony Music Entertainment)
  18. Jicama - Edit by Angélica Garcia on Guadalupe (Spacebomb)
  19. Crushcrushcrush by Coco & Clair Clair, Paul Maxwell on Single (678)
  20. Rosa Pastel by Belanova on Dulce Beat (Universal Music Mexico)
  21. Future by CHAI on PUNK (Sony Music Entertainment)