EP. 203: Into The Wayside, Forever



  1. Into the Wayside Part I /Sick by Ceremony on Rohnert Park (Bridge Nine) Local
  2. The Doldrums (Friendly City) by Ceremony on Rohnert Park (Bridge Nine) Local
  3. It's Going to be a Cold Winter by Ceremony on Violence Violence (Malfunction) Local
  4. Kersed by Ceremony on Violence Violence (Deathwish) Local
  5. The Understanding by Ceremony on The L-Shaped Man (Matador) Local
  6. California Poppy by Ceremony on Vanity Spawned by Fear (Relapse) Local
  7. Leap Year by Heart Attack Man on Thoughtz and Prayerz (You Did This / Triple Crown)
  8. If This Is Life by Meryl Streek (Venn) New
  9. Talk For Hours by High Vis on Blending (Dias)
  10. Walking Wires by High Vis on no sense no feeling (venn)
  11. My Lonely Lightning by Glitterer on Rationale (Anti-) New
  12. Are You Sure? by Glitterer on Life Is Not A Lesson (Anti-)
  13. Brown Paper Bag by DIIV on Frog in Boiling Water (Self-released) New
  14. Stuck in a Dream by Gouge Away on Deep Sage (Death Wish) New
  15. AFRAID OF EVERYTHING / OBTAINED UNDER DURESS by SPY on Habitual Offender (To Live A Lie) Local
  16. 1000 Ways To Ruin Your Day / Sick Little Fuckers by Cell Rot on Slowly Falls Apart (self-released) Local
  17. The Ending by Enemy Mind on No Safe Place (Bdhw Rec)
  18. Divine Intervention by Slayer on Divine Intervention (American Recordings)
  19. MANKIND EP (FULL 1991) by Infest on Mankind (Dead Six)
  20. Firestorm by Earth Crisis on Forever True (1991-2001) (Craft)
  21. Killed for Less by Sense Field on Killed for Less (Revelation)
  22. Outlive the Man by Sense Field on Building (Revelation)
  23. Those Who Fear Tomorrow by Integrity on Those Who Fear Tomorrow (Relapse)
  24. The Rites of Love and Death (Nothing Cover) by Integrity on Single (Relapse)
  25. In Blueberry Memories / Blue Mecca by Nothing on The Great Dismal (Relapse)
  26. Dambala by Exuma on Exuma, The Obeah Man (Mercury)
  27. Cortez The Killer by Neil Young on Zuma (Reprise)
  28. Through my Sails by Neil Young & Crazy Horse on Zuma (Reprise)
  29. Footprints on My Ceiling by Social Distortion on Sex, Love and Rock 'N' Roll (The Bicycle Company)