Episode 271 - Let’s Go Aneurysm!

That’s the new Cult 45 chant that’s sweeping the nation. ‘Let’s Go Aneurysm!’ Use it anytime you want; whether it be disrupting one of his cult meetings or online to his acolytes. No need to argue the finer points of policy. Don’t try to change their minds about the direction of the republic, just type or shout ‘Let’s Go Aneurysm!’.

Thank you for your continued support.



  1. Tall Cool One by Robert Plant on Now and Zen (Es Paranza)
  2. Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin on IV (Atlantic)
  3. My Own Summer (Shove It) by Deftones on Around the Fur (Maverick) Local
  4. Welcome to Planet Motherfucker/Psychodelic Slag by White Zombie on La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume 1 (Geffen)
  5. Let’s Go by The Cars on Candy-O (Elektra)
  6. Reasons to Be Anxious by Pinch Point on Process (Exploding in Sound)
  7. Babooska by Kate Bush on Never for Ever (EMI)
  8. No New Wave No Fun by Mclusky on Mclusky Do Dallas (Too Pure)
  9. Columbian Necktie by Big Black on Songs About Fucking (Touch and Go)
  10. Binds That Tie by Volcano Suns on Career in Rock (Quarterstick)
  11. Angela by Jarvis Cocker on Further Complications (Rough Trade)
  12. Sirius by The Alan Parsons Project on Eye in the Sky (Arista)
  13. Eye in the Sky by The Alan Parson Project on Eye in the Sky (Arista)
  14. A Long Line of Werewolves by The Pine Box Boys (Mark Beshirs) New Local