This week's episode (#388) features guest Duygu Gün discussing the SF premiere of the documentary Balkancisco. Directed by Tuğrul Sarikaya, Balkancisco explores the influential power of Balkan music in the Bay Area, following Duygu's journey as she discovers a vibrant Balkan music community. The film captures her quest to understand how this music transcends cultural boundaries and creates a sense of home for a diverse group of people. Join us as we delve into the making of this fascinating documentary and celebrate its upcoming screening on June 23 at The Grey Area in the Mission.


  1. Second Sasa by Inspector Gadje (Self-Released) Local
  2. The Devil Dance by Beats Antique & Balkan Bump on single (Beats Antique) Local
  3. Borino Oro-Baraat by Brass Menazeri (Self-Released) Local
  4. Djevria's Dance/Saskin by Edessa (Self-Released) Local
  5. Celo Skopje by Fanfare Zambaleta (Self-Released) Local
  6. Pena by Saban Bajramovic (Times Square Records)
  7. Kasap Havasi by Selim Sesler (Essay Recordings)
  8. Big Loco by Balkan Bump (Self-Released) Local