The Midnight Prowl Show #024 September 28th

Feeling a bit blue cuz' Summer ended and you didn't get the person you wanted?  Didn't hang out all the time?  Couldn't get that last tasty beer into your gullet before the sunset happened?  No worries yo.  We got a time trippin' flavanoid of rock.


  1. Liar by Rollins Band on Weight
  2. Kingdom Come by Sir Lord Baltimore
  3. Shattered Circle by Ex-Cult
  4. There is no ice (for my drink) by Thom Yorke
  5. Bandit Ducks from Outer Space by Science Patrol
  6. Midnight Hour by ? and the Mysterians on Greatest Hits
  7. Breaking the Angle Against the Tide by Craft Spells on CMJ mixtape June 2014
  8. Breath of Fire Pts 1-2 by Captain Beyond on Captain Beyond
  9. Death Trip by Iggy and the Stooges on Raw Power
  10. Remembrance by Suicideyear
  11. Break
  12. Tenebre by Goblin on Suspiria
  13. Rabid (Over You) by The Damned on The Damned
  14. Miranda That Ghost Just Isnt Holy Anymore by The Mars Volta
  15. limerence by Commissure
  16. Dripping by Blonde Readhead on CMJ September playlist
  17. Gary Gilmore's Eyes by The Adverts
  18. Finger Lickin Good by The Beastie Boys
  19. syro u47318+e by Aphex Twin
  20. The Veil of Isis by The Sword
  21. Stress Pos Traumatico by Ratos De Poräo
  22. Circles by Pujols
  23. Dancing with Joy by The Colors Out Of Time
  24. Does it Matter Irene? by The Mothmen