The Midnight Prowl Show #025 October 5th


  1. Postmortem by 1349 on na (na)
  2. Pop Bubble by Body Count on na (na)
  3. Only Shallow by My Bloody Valentine on na (na)
  4. Cherish by Ballet School on na (na)
  5. Paris and Rome by Cranes on na (na)
  6. In the Musicals by Bjork on Selmasongs (na)
  7. Learning Slowly by Purling Hiss on na (na)
  8. Townie by Mitski on na (na)
  9. I Know But I Dont Know by Blondie on na (na)
  10. Another Sex Crime by Last Four Digits on na (na)
  11. Knock Knock by The Humane Society on na (na)
  12. Dance to the Rock by Shonen Knife on na (na)
  13. Two Headed Dog by Foo Fighters on na (na)
  14. Bermuda by Roky Erickson on na (na)
  15. Nobody to Love by 13th Floor Elevators on na (na)
  16. Late Victorian Holocaust by Marianne Faithful on na (na)
  17. Risky (12" Mix) by Ryuichi Sakamoto featuring Iggy Pop on na (na)
  18. Holographic by Young Magic on na (na)
  19. Who Was in My Room Last Night? by The Butthole Surfers on na (na)
  20. Cable by Caustic Resin on na (na)
  21. My Song by GFOTY on na (na)
  22. I Do (If I Love You) by Glass Elevator on na (na)
  23. Avalon by Sigur Ros on na (na)
  24. The Sky is a Poisonous Garden by Concrete Blonde on na (na)
  25. Stigmata Martyr by Bauhaus on na (na)
  26. Scum, Rise! by Protomartyr on na (na)
  27. Wasted by Lost Boy on na (na)
  28. Saucer Like by Sonic Youth on na (na)
  29. Waiting for the End by Pins on na (na)