1. At Risk Student by Two Inch Astronaut on Personal Life (Exploding In Sound)
  2. Infidels (When Your Hips Came Loose) by Mind Science Of The Mind on Mind Science Of The Mind (Epic)
  3. Telling Lies Will Get You Nowhere by The Natural History on Beat Beat Heartbeat (Startime International)
  4. Witchcraft by Meat Wave on Delusion Moon (SideOneDummy)
  5. Diamond Girls by Guerilla Toss on Eraser Stargazer (DFA)
  6. Socket by Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 on Strangers From The Universe (Matador)
  7. Symphony of Treble by Blonde Redhead on Fake Can Be Just As Good (Touch & Go)
  8. Second Ward by Palm on Trading Basics (Exploding In Sound)
  9. Feather of Forgiveness by Polvo on Exploded Drawing (Touch & Go)
  10. Weekends of Sound by 764-HERO on Weekends of Sound (Up)
  11. Heavy Manner by Swings on Detergent Hymns (Quiet Year)
  12. TAQOMA by Damien Jurado on Visions Of Us On The Land (Secretly Canadian)
  13. The Hill by Kelley Stoltz on In Triangle Time (Castle Face)
  14. Felt This Way by Helen on The Original Faces (Kranky)
  15. Hypatia by Wray on Hypatia (Communicating Vessels)
  16. Tardis Cymbals by Cavern of Anti-Matter on Void Beats/Invocation Trex (Duophonic)
  17. Covered With Flies by Grifters on Ain't My Lookout (Sub Pop)
  18. Prepare To Be Mined by Rob Crow on He Thinks He's People (Temporary Residence)
  19. Honest by Fury Things on VHS (Modern Radio)
  20. Vincenza by Ginnels on Crowns (Tenorio Cotobade)
  21. Samantha West by Bent Shapes on Wolves of Want (Slumberland)
  22. Need Your Needs by Georgie James on Places (Saddle Creek)
  23. Signals by Cannon Bros. on Dream City (Disintegration)
  24. 4th August by Trust Fund on Seems Unfair (Turnstile)
  25. Little Sister by Music Sucks on Periscope Straws (Self-released)
  26. Patternless Tide by Pretend on Tapestry'd Life (Topshelf)