Bonnie Grant Interview

From patent law to Austin to Tinder, Bonnie Grant and I talk about it all on episode 10! As a patent attorney, Bonnie has worked on a variety of interesting cases including new zipper designs and a Nike versus Adidas battle. She has also successfully defended clients against notorious patent trolls. Bonnie is originally from Austin, Texas and moved to San Francisco two years ago. She compares those two cities and discusses some of the challenges she faced when moving here. Surprisingly, finding an apartment was not one of them. Finding a place to park and walk her dog were problems. However, Bonnie adjusted quickly and soon joined her fellow San Franciscans enjoying walks through our beautiful city and dating on Tinder. Yep, we talk Tinder on today's episode and Bonnie's story is perfect for the upcoming Valentine's Day weekend! Bonnie lives in Laurel Heights. She shares her favorite spots in the neighborhood and throughout San Francisco.