Video Game Focus: Yes We Take Requests

We changed up the format completely this week- about half an hour into the show, we switch to only video game instrumentals, and we got a ton of great suggestions from Twitter friends. From SNES classics to modern indie games like Undertale, Braid and Gone Home. This is a fun one.


  1. Clarity by Kettel on Ibb & Obb OST
  2. Runner2 Theme (Gaijin Games) by Bit.Trip on Runner2 OST
  3. Fuguefat by The Octopus Project on Hexadecagon
  4. Roll Your Own by Tripswitch on Circuit Breaker
  5. Full Focus (Super Hexagon) by Videogame Orchestra on World 1-2: Encore
  6. Descended From Myth by RJD2 on More Is Than Isn't
  7. Pardon My Freedom by !!! on As If
  8. The Friendly Faith Plate by Aperture Science Psychoacoustics on Portal 2: Songs to Test By
  9. Jeffery's SCNTFC Remix by Guy Whitmore, scntfc on Peggle 2 Soundtrack
  10. Tomas Dvorak - The Glasshouse With Butterfly by Machinarium Soundtrack on Machinarium OST
  11. Shovel Night - Main Theme by The Marcus Hedges Trend Orchestra
  12. Hot Machine, Cold Surface (Metroid Prime) by Ben Prunty on World 1-2: Encore
  13. Progress by Disasterpiece on FEZ OST
  14. The Prettiest Weed by Jim Guthrie on Sword & Sworcery: Moon Grotto 7
  15. Increasing Ambition by Michna on Hohokum Soundtrack (Ghostly International)
  16. Terminal March by Darren Korb on Bastion Original Soundtrack (Warner Bros.)
  17. Frog's Theme by TPR on Chrono Trigger Insrumentals
  18. Epiphany Fields by scntfc on Oxenfree OST
  19. In the Court of the Junyard King by Chris Schlarb on Dropsy OST
  20. The House (Part 1) by Chris Remo on Gone Home: OST
  21. Chrono Acoustic (Chrono Trigger) by Careless Juja
  22. Earthbound: Home Sweet Home by Keiichi Suzuki on Earthbound OST
  23. The ParaSprinter by Good Knight Productions on Ninja Gaiden II OST
  24. Space Cruise by Ben Prunty on FTL: Faster Than Light OST
  25. The Garden by Stafford Bawler on Monument Valley OST
  26. Naru, Embracing the Light by Gareth Coker on Ori and the Blind Forest OSt
  27. Downstream by Sieber, Kammen, Fulton and Schatz on Music from Braid
  28. You and Me by Gustavo Santaolalla on The Last of Us OST
  29. An End, Once And For All by Clint Mansell, Sam Hulick on Mass Effect 3: OST
  30. Port City by F-Zero OST on F-Zero OST
  31. Oceanic Glow by Obfusc on Monument Valley OST
  32. Glades by Aviators on NIKRA OST
  33. Va by Ryan Roth on The Beginner's Guide OST
  34. Undertale (Music Box) by Jayn on Undertale OST
  35. Declination (Instrumental) by Com Truise on Hohokum OST (Ghostly International)
  36. Blooper Reeling (Super Mario World) by halc on World 1-2