Warm Focus: Glowcube

This is probably the most consistently mellow set I've done for Warm Focus- relaxed to the point of verging on ambient or new age at times. I hope you enjoy it- this is one to put on in the background and slow down with.


  1. Midcentury Motion by Talkdemonic on Ruins
  2. Strength Through Fragility by Clark on Clark
  3. The Big Ship - 2004 Digital Remaster by Brian Eno on Another Green World
  4. Aurelian Way by Land Observations on Roman Roads IV-XI
  5. Hello You by Casino vs. Japan on Night on Tape
  6. At the New House / First Day of School by Chris Remo on Gone Home: OST
  7. Land, Repair, Refuel by LNRDCROY on Much Less Normal
  8. Chatoyant (Beauty Bass) (Instrumental) by Sabzi & MADE IN HEIGHTS on MADE IN HEIGHTS (Instrumentals)
  9. Not a Number by Apparat on Walls
  10. Pound for Pound by The Bad Plus on Made Possible
  11. Hip-Hop Spa by Fatima Al Qadiri on Genre-Specific Xperience (UNO NYC)
  12. Anything You Synthesize - Ambient by The American Dollar on Ambient One
  13. Tone Twilight Zone by Cornelius on Point
  14. Leaving the Tetons by Mark Preston on Nature & Design
  15. Fragments of Memories as a Child by The Abbasi Brothers on Something Like Nostalgia
  16. OH by Plaid on Reachy Prints (Warp)
  17. Birth of a Star by Goddamn Electric Bill on Jazz
  18. Too Much to Lose (Niva Remix) by Sun Glitters on Everything Could Be Remodeled and That's Fine
  19. Places by Schlohmo on Bonobo - Late Night Tales
  20. Squarepusher by Every Day I Love on Ultravisitor
  21. Flying by Garth Stevenson on Flying
  22. Hiatus by Nobody on Ghost Notes
  23. Coil by Daisuke Tanabe on After Few Layers Before
  24. Hawkmoth by Plaid on Reachy Prints (Warp)
  25. #3 by Aphex Twin on Selected Ambient Works Volume II (Warp)
  26. Petrichor by Set & Setting on Equanimity
  27. Hummingbird by George Winston on Summer
  28. Montana - Christopher Willits Remix by Tycho on Awake (Deluxe Edition) (Ghostly International)
  29. Red-Eye by The Album Leaf on Into the Blue Again
  30. Pulse by Shigeto on Intermission (Ghostly International)
  31. Ageispolis by Aphex Twin on Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (Warp)