East coast singer-songwriter, now a Missionite, DB Leonard sits at Espresso Sesh presenting his music and performing some tunes live at the station. Also featured The Black Market, rad band from Rome, Italy. Enjoy


  1. Carry Her Home (Cavedoll Remix) by DB Leonard
  2. Marylin by DB Leonard
  3. Blemish by David Sylvian on Blemish
  4. Islands by DB Leonard
  5. Capsized by Andrew Bird
  6. Beast by DB Leonard
  7. I Know now (live at BFF.FM) by DB Leonard
  8. 1999 (live at BFF.fm) by DB Leonard
  9. Cry (live at BFF.fm) by DB Leonard
  10. Peter Gabriel by San Jacinto
  11. Where is my mind? by Pixies
  12. Didjtal Vibrations by Jamiroquai on Traveling without moving
  13. Blowin by The Black Market
  14. Rapa Nui by The Black Market
  15. Slings & Arrows by Fat Freddy's Drop on BAYS (MIF)
  16. Soul Kitchen (Dj Inko Remix) by The Doors
  17. Underdog (Mr Bristow edit) by Sly & The Family Stone
  18. Third Stone From the Sun by Jimi Hendrix on Are You Experienced?
  19. Carry Her Home (live at BFF.FM) by DB Leonard
  20. Cover Her with sugar by DB Leonard
  21. Diavolanza by OPEZ on Dead Dance (Agogo)
  22. I Wanna Be your Telephone by Jamie Liddell on Compass
  23. Tubular Bells, Pt. 1 by Mike Oldfield on Tubular Bells