07.16.2016 LOST AND SOUND


  1. Scraper by Head Wound City on A New Wave of Violence (Vice)
  2. Fiery by Daughters on Hell Songs (Hydra Head Records)
  3. Suicide by ZZZ's on Magnetica/Perscription
  4. The Metal East by Lightning Bolt on Fantasy Empire (Thrill Jockey)
  5. Lesson No. 2 by Glenn Branca on The Ascension (99 Records)
  6. Frankly Frank by Oxbow on The Narcotic Story (Black Diamond Records)
  7. On Delay by Animal Collective on Painting With (Domino)
  8. Vultures Descend by Greymachine on Disconnected (Hydra Head Records)
  9. Waiting for the Sunn by Night Shapes on Night Shapes (Self-Released)
  10. Chthonian by Zu on Carboniferous