clementine & new dreampop tracks (and other ones)

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  1. If You Say That by Young Scum on Zona (
  2. Break
  3. Shell Button by Milkmustache on Bedroom Pop rules the world (BoringProductions)
  4. Always Is by Best Friend on Flowers​/​/​Always Is (Gezellig)
  5. Horror Movie by Wildhoney on Continental Drift (Slumberland)
  6. Never See This Place Again by Flowers on More Demos (Self Released)
  7. Sarah by Girl Of The World on Wonderboy (Parasol)
  8. Break
  9. Backseat Heart by Ablebody on Adult Contemporaries (Lolipop)
  10. Zingers by Milk Teddy on Zingers (Knock Yr Socks Off)
  11. How Much Younger by Brilliant Colors on Again and Again (Slumberland)
  12. Words by The Motifs on The Zebras Split (Knock Yr Socks Off)
  13. Feel by Future Shapes on Microchasm (Wave Dweller)
  14. Break
  15. In Gunnersbury Park by The Hit Parade on Sarah (In Gunnersbury Park)
  16. You'll Never Come Back by Photon (Beko Disques)
  17. Don't Bother Me by Scott & Charlene's Wedding on Mid Thirties Single Scene (Fire)
  18. Vitrine by Fear of Men on Loom (Kanine)
  19. Break
  20. Call On Me by The Rippers (Self Released)