Episode 12: The One Wif Bunny Me M8

Shout out Bunny, aka Partisan, for bringing a seriously me(n)tal mix.


  1. Trance Donk Symphony (exerpt) by Partisan
  2. Нежная черная вода by Astrosuka
  3. Genie by Retina Set
  4. One Step Closer (DJ Musica Electronica Edit) by Dinamarca + Kablam
  5. Threads+Strings by Kai Whiston on na (na)
  6. Ender by Kid Smpl on na (na)
  7. Drain by Lit Internet ft GRONOS1 on na (na)
  8. Torch Song For A Turkish Dawn by Summer Ghost on na (na)
  9. Jammin by Bulma x Msn Emu on na (na)
  10. Gangsta's Duality (WIP) by Partisan on na (na)
  11. Pluto (Air Max '97 rugged edit) by Bjork on na (na)
  12. Spiral (Ausschuss bootleg) by Acre on na (na)
  13. Horizon by Mang & 1127 on na (na)
  14. The Masterming by MIck Gordon on na (na)
  15. I Bite THru It by Oneohtrix Point Never on na (na)