Episode 13: The One With Meredith

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It's lucky episode 13, so why not hand the reigns over to something fittingly shimmeringly dark. Give it up for Meredith Meyer.

Meredith’s life in music really started after leaving home as a teen. A native of

Oklahoma City, she got her feet wet attending whatever touring shows came to

town, and throwing raves out in remote warehouses with friends. Her hunger for

music led her to Los Angeles at 22, where she played with bands that started

and ended as quickly as CDs came and went. There she met Brian Kehew, who

produced her first solo album after she sold him a MOOG. Since then she’s been

in a handful of other bands, quit waitressing (twice), dabbled in the world of

Hollywood filmscoring, climbed to the top of the Half Dome in Yosemite, recorded

another album with Bill Racine, and moved to New York where she started the

indie band Young Unknowns.

Meredith currently teaches young adults and teens at Daniel’s Music Foundation

in East Harlem, a non-profit music center that gives free music classes to people

with disabilities and special needs. In her spare time she enjoys tinkering around

with electronics and watching Japanese tiny cooking videos. Her next recorded

EP “Magic Castle” will be available 9-16-16.

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