The Midnight Prowl Show #030 November 9th

Back to the grind babies.  This weeks eclectic stew of music has a bunch of spankin new jamz and some old faves that blast through the speakers of the hyper V craft every time I'm flippin' around the moons of Antares 4. - FOXX


  1. Marnie by Virginia Wing on CMJ Mixtape : November 2014 (na)
  2. We are the One by The Avengers on No Thanks! (disc 3) (na)
  3. I'm not Ready by Chappo on CMJ Mixtape : MAy 2014 (na)
  4. Do the Evolution by Pearl Jam on Yield (na)
  5. Be Anything by Brass Bed on CMJ Mixtape : November 2014 (na)
  6. III by Sonic Youth +I.C.P. + The Ex on In the Fishtank (na)
  7. How to Operate Your Brain by Timothy Leary on na (na)
  8. Black Water by Red Fang on Whales and Leeches (na)
  9. Kill the Weekend by Electric Eel Shock on Transworld Ultrarock (na)
  10. Lexicon Devil by The Germs on The Germs (na)
  11. Chaos Royale by Sister Sin on na (na)
  12. White Noise by Ex Cops on CMJ Mixtape : November 2014 (na)
  13. Precious to Me by Phil Seymour on Phil Seymour (na)
  14. I Don't Smoke by Mitski on CMJ Mixtape : November 2014 (na)
  15. Crawl by Dead Stars on CMJ Mixtape : June 2014 (na)
  16. The Sounds of the Suburbs by The Members on No Thanks! : The 70's Punk Rebellion (na)
  17. Exit Only by Deerhoof on CMJ Mixtape : November 2014 (na)
  18. Guess Again! by Thom Yorke on Tomorrow's Modern Boxes (na)
  19. I Love You Money by Lowell on CMJ Mixtape : September 2014 (na)
  20. On Leaving by Hookworms on CMJ Mixtape : November 2014 (na)
  21. Sabbath Hex by Orange Goblin on Back From teh Abyss (na)
  22. Thieves by Ministry on The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste (na)
  23. Ugliness by Iggy Pop on Beat Em Up (na)