The Midnight Prowl Show #031 November 16th

Babies, the Midnight Prowl has a LOT of hip, hip hop hippity hip hip hop and you don't stop tonight.  I am getting my DEF JAM out of my system.  Beware.


  1. I Against I by Bad Brains on na (na)
  2. Lion Inside You by Happy Fangs on na (na)
  3. Spanway Hits by Flake Music on CMJ Mixtape :November 2014 (na)
  4. Steppin' 2 the A.M. by 3rd Bass on The Cactus Album (Def Jam)
  5. Me, Myself and I by De La Soul on 3 feet High and Rising (na)
  6. My Philosophy by KRS One on na (na)
  7. Glad Girls by Guided By Voices on na (na)
  8. Be Anything by Brass Bed on CMJ Mixtape : November 2014 (na)
  9. Fantasy by Captain Beyond on Dawn Explosion (na)
  10. I'm That Type of Guy by L.L. Cool J on Walkin' Like a Panther (Def Jam)
  11. Black Steel at the Hour of Chaos by Public Enemy on na (Def Jam)
  12. Renegades of Funk (12" version) by Africa Bambaata featuring Sonic Soul Force on na (na)
  13. Message From Our Sponser by Jello Biafra on No More Cocoons (Alternative Tentacles)
  14. Exit Only by Deerhoof on CMJ Mixtape : November 2014 (na)
  15. She's My Ex by All on Allroy Lives (na)
  16. Pumped Up by Sir Lord Baltimore on Kingdom Come (na)
  17. Jack the Ripper by L.L. Cool J on na (Def Jam)
  18. Fuck the Police by N.W.A. on na (na)
  19. It's Tricky by Run D.M.C. on na (Def Jam)
  20. B-Boys Making the Freak Freak by Beastie Boys on na (na)
  21. Zapfenstreich by Die Toten Hosen on na (na)
  22. Bring the Pain by Method Man on na (Def Jam)
  23. Where do We Go From here by Death on For the Whole World to See (na)
  24. Pay Salvation by Los Olivados on Not So Quiet on the Western Front (na)
  25. I Just Wanna Have Something to Do by The Dictators on The Song Ramones the Same (na)
  26. Bottoms Up, Bottomed Out by The Soviettes on LP (na)
  27. Tonight (We'll Make Love 'Til We Die) by SSQ on The Return of The Living Dead Soundtrack (na)
  28. Where Does the Disco? by YACHT on CMJ Mixtape : November 2014 (na)