Kate + Julian of Backyard Paradise Collective presenting this Sunday Backyard Paradise Volume 4 taking place all day 9/25 in the mission! Live music, arts, food, drinks & community! Enjoy the show featuring music from all bands playing the event.


  1. Canyon Canon by Kendra McKinley
  2. Blue Miss Lightning by Miss Lightning
  3. Couldn't Quit It by Vandella
  4. Forever, Never by Yours
  5. Let Me Bleed by Stäng
  6. The Worst (Live at Nu-Tone) by Travis Hayes
  7. Las Flores by Loco Tranquilo
  8. Mi sufrir by Banda Sin Nombre
  9. La Radio (feat. Sole Rebel) by Msk
  10. Fine As A Vine by Kendra McKinley
  11. King of the Hill by Yours
  12. The Love You Want by Vandella
  13. Pictures by Miss Lightning
  14. Night Swimming (feat. Emily Whitehurst) by Travis Hayes
  15. It's Your Soul (Long Live Rock n' Roll) by Stäng
  16. Cosmic Shower by Loco Tranquilo
  17. St. James Infirmary by Banda Sin Nombre
  18. About Tonight (feat. Hanna Rifkin & MC Burch) by Msk on MadeInSF (Eclectic Electric Recordings)
  19. What Would You Do by Miss Lightning
  20. Goldmine by Yours
  21. Devil's cantata by Peggy Bunker & the Bunkmates Peggy Bunker and the Bunkmates