Episode 17: The one where I made you a mixtape to feel better.

What a f--k of a week. That debate. Etc. My week was awesome, but the world seems to need a big hug, so here. I made you a mixtape. I don't talk at all. Please feel better. I love you you're awesome! Shout out Lauren for the show intro and identification voiceover work. Love is a mixtape. (Rob Sheffield, though awesome, has nothing to do with this episode btw)


  1. Becoming Venus by v1984 on Becoming (N)One (Glacial Industries)
  2. Chloroform by Lucy + RRose on The Lotus Eaters (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
  3. Bathroom Tile Dance by Evening in Torpor on Evening In Torpor
  4. Angela Rules The World by Skinny Friedman
  5. Stack Your Body by Hungry Wives
  6. American Oxygen by Rihanna (Rockafella)
  7. Prayer to Saint Therese (a place both wonderful and strange remix) by Chloe Sevigny (OWLs)
  8. Follow by Black Heart on All Is Lost
  9. Nylong Strung by Underworld on Barbara Barbara We Face A Shining Future (Smith Hyde Productions)
  10. Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas on Leftoverture (Kirshner)