Episode 18: Frankie Teardrop Redux

Another stellar guest mix from Frankie Teardrop!


  1. Snowfall Soon by Piano Magic on Low Birth Weight (Rocket Girl)
  2. Dreamtime (Martin Hannett Mix) by The Heart Throbs on Dreamtime (One Little Indian)
  3. Mr. Somewhere by This Mortal Coil on Blood (4AD)
  4. My Room is White by Opposition on Intimacy (Disc'AZ)
  5. Wave After Wave by Breathless on Between Happiness and Heartache (Tenor Vossa Records)
  6. The Happy Girl by Con Dolore on This Sad Movie (Clairerecords)
  7. Water In My Eye (Extended Version) by Kissing The Pink on Mr. Blunt (Magnet)
  8. Shantell by And Also The Trees on Shantell (Future Records)
  9. 1000 Years by Room Nine on Voices...... Of a Summers Day (C'est La Morte)
  10. You Move Me by The Comsat Angels on 7 Day Weekend (Jive)
  11. Zuff by Lowsunday on Elesgiem (Projekt)
  12. Oceans and Blue skies by Swallow on Blow (4AD)
  13. Up, Up, Up by O Positive on Only Breathing (Throbbing Lobster)
  14. Fluidium by The Ecstasy of St. Theresa on ...Fluidtrance Centauri... (Free)
  15. I Wish You Could Smile by Black Tape for A Blue Girl on Ashes In The Brittle Air (Projekt)