One for Selene

Had something else in mind for this show, but then I said to myself that's not needed. So went thru my crates and found these beloved song dedicated/inspired to/by the Moon, or Selene (in Greek mythology is the goddess of the moon). Enjoy this selection featuring a wide range of tunes from The Boswell Sisters to our local Meklit; some classics, some obscure gems.


  1. Tintarella di Luna by Mina
  2. Moon Shake by Can on Future Days (United Artists)
  3. Tre Quarti Di Luna (Moon Suite) by L'Orchestra Di Piazza Vittorio on OPV
  4. I Thank You, Mr. Moon by The Boswell Sisters on Collection, Vol.1 (1931-32)
  5. Goodnight Moon by Shivaree
  6. The Killing Moon by Nouvelle Vague on Bande A Part
  7. Moon Sequence by The Herbalizer Band on Session 2
  8. Vengo Dalla Luna by Caparezza on Verità Supposte
  9. Luna (Alexkid Full Moon Remix) by Astor Piazzolla on Astor Piazzolla Remixed
  10. Fly Me To The Moon by Julie London on Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 14: Bossa Novaville
  11. Moon River by The Puppini Sisters on Hollywood
  12. La Ragazza Dalla Pelle Di Luna by Piero Umiliani on La Ragazza Dalla Pelle Di Luna OST
  13. Luna Ciega by Novalima on Karimba
  14. Luna 1 by Federico Aubele on 5
  15. Doña Luna by S-Tone Inc. on Moon In Libra (Schema)
  16. E la luna bussò by Loredana Bertè
  17. Break
  18. Walking On The Moon by The Police on Regatta De Blanc
  19. Stuck On The Moon by Meklit on We Are Alive
  20. Jealous Moon by Sugarman 3 on What The World Needs Now
  21. Luna Indiana (strumentale) by Franco Battiato on L'Era Del Cinghiale Bianco
  22. Il Parco Della Luna by Lucio Dalla on Dalla
  23. Tonada De Luna Llena by Caetano Veloso on Fina Estampa Ao Vivo
  24. Moon, Turn the Tides.... Gently Gently Away by The Jimi Hendrix Experience on Electric Ladyland
  25. Alone With The Moon by The Tiger Lillies on The Brothel To The Cemetery
  26. Dancing in the Moonlight by Van Morrison on King Harvest
  27. Pink Moon by Nick Drake on Pink Moon
  28. Moonlight Drive by The Doors on Strange Days
  29. The Moonbeam Song by Harry Nilsson on Nilsson Schmilsson
  30. Moonlight Serenade by Glenn Miller on Pure Gold
  31. Au Clair De La Lune by Club Manouche on Gypsy Fever
  32. Crime in the Pale Moonlight (short version) by Flanger on Spirituals
  33. Clair De Lune by Les Baxter on Moog Rock
  34. Eclipse by Pink Floyd on The Dark Side Of The Moon