Creep Magnet #5


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  1. Alien Girl by TacocaT on NVM (Hardly Art) $ Buy
  2. Hermits on Holiday by DRINKS on Laying Down Rock (Heavenly ) $ Buy
  3. Softness by Dorothy (N/A) $ Buy
  4. Break
  5. I Hate Being In Love by Amy and the Angels on Making Waves - A Collection Of 12 Womens Bands From The UK (Girlfriend Records ) $ Buy
  6. Fridays by Marine Girls on Beach Party (Whaam! Records) $ Buy
  7. Love in the Hour by The Butchies on Population 1975 (Mr. Lady Records) $ Buy
  8. Goddess by Longstocking on Goddess (Atomic Gimlet ) $ Buy
  9. The King Is Dead by Flackoff on The Flackoff EP (Sofa Records ) $ Buy
  10. Sex Machine by The Flying Lizards on Sex Machine (Statik Records ) $ Buy
  11. Get Off the Internet by Le Tigre on From the Desk of Mr Lady (Modarm Records) $ Buy
  12. Caribou by April March on Chick Habit (Sympathy Records) $ Buy
  13. Say by Crimson Wave on Say 7 (Accidental Guest) $ Buy
  14. Doğru by Kim Ki O on Bir, İki... (S-S Records) $ Buy
  15. Just Stay the Same by free cake for every creature on Pretty Good (Double Double Whammy) $ Buy
  16. Off The Hook by Y Pants on Off the Hook (99 Records ) $ Buy
  17. Savoir Faire by Family Fodder on Savoir Faire (Fresh Records ) $ Buy
  18. My Cherry is in Sherry by Ludus on The Visit/The Seduction (LTM) $ Buy
  19. Colour by Delta 5 on Try / Colour (Rough Trade ) $ Buy
  20. Scattered Pearls by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone on Etiquette (Tomlab) $ Buy