Creep Magnet #6


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  1. Raw Prawn by Red Monkey on Do What You Feel (Feel What You Do) (Slampt) $ Buy
  2. Dieuleul-Dieuleul by Aby Ngana Diop on Liital (N/A) $ Buy
  3. Summer by Autoclave on Autoclave (Dischord Records) $ Buy
  4. Toutes les nuits by Les Calamités on Les Calamités (Fan Club ) $ Buy
  5. I Don't Love You by The Dishrags on Three (Supreme Echo ) $ Buy
  6. I by Shoppers on Silver Year (Drugged Conscience ) $ Buy
  7. Berkeley Is My Baby (And I Wanna Kill It) by Blatz on Shit Split (Lookout Records! ) $ Buy
  8. Bait & Switch by Emily's Sassy Lime on Dippity Do-Nut (Kill Rock Stars ) $ Buy
  9. Altari Del Terrore by Rivolta Dell'Odio on Osanna! L'Angelo Sterminatore (Totò Alle Prese Coi Dischi) $ Buy
  10. Dancing Venus of Aurora Clay by Takako Minekawa & Dustin Wong on Savage Imagination (Thrill Jockey Records) $ Buy
  11. Butter Side Up by Laetitia Sadier on Something Shines (Drag City ) $ Buy
  12. Anxiety by C.C.T.V. on C.C.T.V. (Lumpy Records ) $ Buy
  13. I'd Rather Eat Glass by Excuse 17 on Such Friends Are Dangerous (Kill Rock Stars) $ Buy
  14. Doctor by Priests on Bodies And Control And Money And Power (Sister Polygon Records ) $ Buy
  15. Pat's Trick by Helium on The Dirt Of Luck (Matador ) $ Buy