Band with elements from different parts of the world, Makrú fuses Rumba Flamenca, Reggae, Cuban Son, Cumbia, Ska, and other global beats to create a unifying, positive vibe in the Bay Area through its music. Raul, Jenny and Bob sit at ES today presenting and performing some new tunes. Enjoy!


  1. Ahi Atras by Makru on Conexion
  2. Sour Mango by Gabriel Garzón-Montano
  3. Su Mision (live at by Makru
  4. La Leli (live at by Makru
  5. Amoro (live at by Marku
  6. Vivir by Makru on Conexion
  7. Get Up, stand up by Ojos de Brujo
  8. Ahora Que (live at by Makru
  9. Afinaos Con el Pianeta by Makru
  10. Guerrilleras (Bang Data remix) by Locura
  11. Buen Rollito by Amparanoia
  12. One More by Jimmy Cliff
  13. Silence is a weapon by Blackfire
  14. Sunshine by Raul Midon
  15. Alcoba Azul by Lila Downs
  16. El Compadre by Muchachito Bombo Inferno
  17. Skalofrio by Makru
  18. Me gustas tu by Manu Chao
  19. Manana Tepotzlan by El Buho
  20. Tumbalá (feat. Tempo Alomar) by Bosq on Tumbalá EP
  21. Vacanze romane (Rapsodija Trio) by Antonella Ruggiero