Matt Gonzalez, Part 2

This one's pretty much all about San Francisco politics 20 years ago.

Matt talks about how it was that he ended up running for political office to begin with. He walks us through Tom Ammiano's write-in campaign for mayor in 1999 and Matt's eventual ascension to the Board of Supervisors the next year.

What brought him into my sphere was Matt's run for mayor in 2003 against Willie Brown heir-apparent, Gavin Newsom.

Other topics discussed in the podcast include:

  • Matt's decision not to run for re-election to the Board of Supervisors
  • his 2008 run for VP with Ralph Nader
  • how he got started doing collage art
We end with Matt's thoughts and hopes for what comes next in San Francisco.

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We recorded this podcast over Zoom in March 2021.

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