Erin and Jeff's #SanFrancisco Wedding

We start with the honeymoon, time away from The City. Jeff and Erin spent two weeks in northern New Mexico, bouncing around between Taos, Santa Fe, and the small town of Dixon (about halfway between Taos and Santa Fe), where old friends of Jeff have some land with a house, a casita, a tiny house, a large garden, and some chickens.

Then we back up to start chronicling Thursday, October 14, 2021. Jeff's wedding day started with some rather incredible news: Storied: San Francisco won Best Podcast in 48 Hills/SF Bay Guardian's Best of the Bay 2021!!!

The whole point of our recording us talking about the wedding is that we felt it needed to be memorialized. Yes, it was my wedding ... but I have no problem saying that it was fucking epic.

Please listen to the podcast for details of the day, but here, shout-outs are in order. As you'll see, many of the folks instrumental in making the day what it was have been on the podcast. Some will be soon. Here they are:

  • Olivia Andreani: Wedding Director
  • Belen: Olivia's Assistant
  • Chloe Jackman (Part 1 / Part 2): Photographer
  • Michaela: Photography Assistant
  • Julie Dy: Makeup
  • Gillian Fitzgerald (Part 1 / Part 2): Co-owner of Casements Bar
  • Shawn: Co-owner of Casements Bar
  • Aireene Espiritu (Part 1 / Part 2): Ceremony music
  • Angela Tabora (Part 1 / Part 2): Officiant
  • Alex: Owner of Gillibus
  • Debbie and Paul: Owners of Royal Cuckoo
  • Chris and Levay (Part 1 / Part 2): Amazing humans who are also musicians
  • MJ's Brass Boppers: Second Line Brass Band
  • Kevin Cline (Part 1 / Part 2) (and the amazing Front Porch/Rock Bar staff): Owner of Front Porch + Rock Bar
  • Big Russ + CJ Flash: Dance Party DJs
It takes a village, y'all.

Check back next week for our first storyteller in almost two months: musician Andrew St. James!

We recorded this podcast at Shovels Cocktail and Whiskey Bar in the Tenderloin in November 2021.

Photo by Allison Tom

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