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Shrimp Boy Records first played Roses at 11:41am on Friday 4th Sep, 2015.


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  • we're here, we're queer, we're failing at trading iron for wool in Catan.

    Key Party 120 mins

  • To Come Home. To Listen With All My Senses. To Know Not With the Head, but With the Gut. I'm back to play emotional music once…

    TNN S6 E2 120 mins

  • This is a eulogy to my marbled pothos, dead by scale infestation. RIP. [sad @ the club]

    DREAM GARDEN 60 mins

  • Midnight Train 120 mins

  • In the spirit of continuing to slow down, digest, and set intentions before moving forward: I bring you a mix. It's moody, it's's- recorded without…

    TNN S4 E9 120 mins

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