Cliff Martinez


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Recent broadcasts featuring Cliff Martinez

  • Good Morning, This is Louise.  Episode 100 - Levitation  featuring soundworks by Akio Suzuki and Lawrence English with music by Melii, Glenn Branca, Glenn Branca,…

    Louise 120 mins

  • Good Morning, This is Louise. Episode 93 - crazed fruit featuring the sound works of Madoherty, Ben Boncan, Monterey2000, nlm, Marky Star, Nic Stage, Kyle,…

    Louise 120 mins

  • Good Morning, This is Louise, Episode 37 - The Cuckoo Clock Programmed and produced by  rhan small ernst featuring music by Morris Stoloff, Anton Karas,…


  • Good Morning. This is Louise.  Episode 11 - Bolaños Programmed by  Touch Touch Publishing featuring the music of Tindersticks,…


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