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møod swings first played Diva at 7:13pm on Monday 27th Jun, 2022.


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  • A little bit of both ;)

    Them(e) Changes 120 mins

  • FEELING RICH & CON$UMERI$TIC, $ongs that help you feel like you're kim k flying on her ca$hmere-lined private jet (capitali$m and wealth hoarding... a disea$e) feat.

    møod swings 60 mins

  • feeling sticky sweet and excited to open this e x t r a FRESH & JAMMY jar of jams! feat new music by: muna, moonchild sanelly,…

    møod swings 60 mins

  • Bop Island 60 mins

  • feeling fired up, baby! in our scarlet witch eras (minus the evil, ofc) feat music by: kendrick lamar, leikeli47, raja kumari, tiacorine, kari faux, willow kayne,…

    møod swings 60 mins

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