Black Acre



Most recently, 99%SIFT played Stakeout by Commodo on Monday 31st Oct, 2022.

On has played Black Acre releases from artists such as Clap! Clap!, Romare, Karen Nyame KG, Commodo, Brokenchord.


Check out these shows on, showcasing music from Black Acre!

Showcasing the local heroes keeping the music alive and well in the Bay area.

99%SIFT is a an eclectic assortment of electronic dance music, with a focus on female and BIPOC producers as well as world music <3

Hang out backstage with your new favorite band.

From Detroit Techno to UK Grime, from IDM to Drum & Bass, Acid House to 2-Step Garage.

Helping you escape the algorithm, find somethings new and somethings old, and kick for a bit.

finding flow as we wax aesthetic. Connecting and Diving Deep.

an eclectic new theme weekly w. Mz Prizm and special guests b/c music is a sound rainbow, and you are a prism! 🌈