Phat n Phunky



Most recently, Twin Shrieks Radio played Teachers Get Tired by Shinobu on Tuesday 25th Aug, 2020.

On has played Phat n Phunky releases from artists such as Diners, Snooze, Shinobu, Leer, 100%, Summer Vacation, Great Hart, Joyce Manor.


Check out these shows on, showcasing music from Phat n Phunky!

songs and words celebrating music, art, community, and friendship.

Alternating friends droppin’ noisy tunes and chill cuts from everywhere.

sweet n’ dreamy jams that make you feel your feelings, with a focus on #bayarea musicians. brought to you every friday morning by sweet t. :')

a rad catalog of alt, punk, emo, hardcore, acoustic, and doom presented by Twin Peaks Sessions