As the end of the year approaches, we’re once again keeping our end of year fundraiser off the air and on the downlow. Our goal is to raise $10,500 by December 1 to fund key expenses like another year of our amazing app, operating costs, and our remaining 2024 rent (thanks to a recent grant from The California Arts Council we're almost there)! This year we're employing the Buddy System! You can make an individual donation anytime, but as a loyal listener, we're also inviting you to team up with your besties to create a fundraising team!

👯 How to Join the Buddy System 👯

⭐ Visit and click "Join a Team" to set your team up. Give it a cute name. Consider dedicating it to your fave show. Upload a fun photo. Set a goal. Now you have your own fundraising page!

⭐ Share that page with everyone you know. Use personal emails and text messages to send direct requests to the people you've connected with because of, folks who care about our local music scene, and your besties. Remember to link directly to your fundraising page to see your team climb the donation leaderboard!

The best part? If we hit our fundraising goals by December 1, you won’t hear a peep from us on the air soliciting donations for the rest of 2023. Our DJs will roll right through to 2024 without fundraising breaks, bringing you all the music, community, and fun you expect from

Be a Bud, Donate Now!