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Playing the hits of the bay area. Email: iluvmondaysBFFfm@gmail.com

Heavy Rotation

  • Monday 10:00 – 11:00am


  • Torrey , whose debut  Something Happy ( bandcamp ) combines in-your-dreams melodies with skittish rhythms of an invigorating tension. They play Saturday night at the Rickshaw…

    60 mins

  • Lunchbox, whose new album  After School Special ( bandcamp ) brims with mod optimism. Episode title is from the Lunchbox song "Hide and Seek". instagram: @iluvmondaysbfffm…

    60 mins

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  • Toner, whose new album White Buffalo Roam  is up for pre-order on bandcamp ,  is playing Tuesday at the Knockout as part of Scott Alcoholocaust Memorial…

    60 mins

  • For weeks I've been muttering 'it is a time for metal' and  Psychic Hit's new album Solutio ( bandcamp ) inaugurates the season with relentless riffs…

    60 mins

  • The Telephone Numbers, whose debut album Ballad of Doug ( Paisley Shirt bandcamp ) offers reprieve from cynicism with soaring tales about loving music with a…

    60 mins

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sweet n’ dreamy jams that make you feel your feelings, with a focus on #bayarea musicians. brought to you every friday morning by sweet t. :')

In your ears every other Friday from 4-6p with the best garage rock, punk, post-punk, and everything in between. Got a show to announce or a song request? DM me on IG @ugliestsonradio.