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hello? it's møod ring :)

tune in mondays, 7-8pm with a special hour of songs to remind you that you are a human being - featuring new music, overshares, local music, and literally just... stuff i like

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Heavy Rotation

  • Monday 7:00 – 8:00pm


  • hello secret alley! it's been a minute, truly. feeling... very jet-lagged but at the same time energized by these new songs! 2024 ... its what we…

    60 mins

  • sawasdee khap! and happy new year?! recording this fun little first episode of 2024 in thailand (hello from the future/our 14 hour time difference)

    60 mins

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  • ok volume up for the talking parts, whoops. and just like that, we're basically at the end of 2023. all of these songs helped get me…

    60 mins

  • feeling festive (or at least trying to after this truly wild year) with the help of j.cozy and some of our fave holiday hits feat. music…

    60 mins

  • not broadcasting live tonight in solidarity with the global strike - call for an immediate ceasefire, palestinian liberaition always 🇵🇸 12/11 + 12/12: GLOBAL STRIKE FOR…

    60 mins

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